Goal Achievement Club

Welcome to the Goal Achievement Club. All fantasies are now reality.

G.A.C. is a video and animation production group now accepting
commissions to produce videos for your business or pleasure.
Contact Jenny or Chris to discuss the colorful possibilities.
We are located in Philadelphia and work with people everywhere.

New! Soxx for Mayor! new series following Soxx's current run for mayor:

New! Ms. Pretzel music video for Eric Copeland:

New! Who's That music video for Ancient Justice:

New! Adventure Time: The Art of Ooo book trailer for Abrams Books and Cartoon Network:

New! Soxx's Power Hour episode 02, "Face Face":

New! Music video for Mike Bell and the Movies, "Everyone": (Bonus camera 2 view)

New! Soxx's Power Hour episode 01, "Urban Expressions":

Goal partners: Jenny, Ben, Chris, Jobina